Vehicle Control Unit

Dumarey Softronix Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is a flexible solution that meets the customer needs.

The VCU is built and developed to be integrated in all vehicle applications according to Functional Safety ISO26262  and AUTOSAR standards to offer the best quality.

The VCU operates on 12-24V and is scalable due to the Infineon TriCore MicrocontrollerTC3xx family. It is ASIL-D / SIL-3 capable and has a highsecurity Module that supports the full EVITA standard. It allows to configure systems with multiple input and output. This product from Dumarey Softronix is designed to enable the customer to integrate a custom software application to achieve full product customization.

Key features:

• Scalable micro controller (292pin) from 2MB to 16MB Flash, from 1 to 6 cores, ASIL-D rated, HSM with asymmetric cryptography accelerators and Full EVITA support
• Switched battery supply line to minimize quiescent current
• Up to 47 inputs (analog, resistive, digital)
• Up to 50 outputs (HS, LS, H-Bridge)
• 4 x CAN FD
• 2 x LIN
• 4 x SENT
• 2 x 5V buffered outputs
• 1 x 12V buffered output
• L x l x H = 215 mm x 185 mm x 51

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