Complex Drivers using GTM Bosch IP

Dumarey Softronix firmware engineers are experienced and globally recognized in designing complex functionalities using Generic Timer Module (GTM, BOSCH IP), for pulse generations and input captures in motor synchronous activities.

GTM is a complex and programmable module, available in mostly mid-high range of microcontroller classes from all most important silicon suppliers. It can ensure accurate multiinput data acquisition and multi-output signal generation in automotive powertrain and active safety applications, or in industrial closed-loop applications.

Some examples of drivers developed by Dumarey Softronix and already in mass production, on both Gas and Diesel engines applications:

  • Engine Position Crank and Cam inputs for both Gas and Diesel Engine;
  • Spark;
  • Fueling pulses for Direct Injection both Gasoline and Diesel;
  • Fueling pulses for Port Fuel Injectors;
  • Fueling pulses V/I monitors;
  • Knock Windowing, Data Sampling and Processing;
  • Step CAM Actuators;
  • Digital Inlet Control Valve;
  • Traction Inverter Control for Electric Motor.

About GTM-IP usage, we also offer cooperation to our customers during the proof of concept phase, providing feasibility studies for minimizing the risk for new product development introducing this cutting-edge technology.

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