Automatic Root Cause Analysis

Unexpected behaviours and failures have always negative impacts on the development or production process, both in terms of cost and time. Understanding the causes and being able to early detect and predict such events is the Graal of any industrial or business process.

ARCA, our software for the Automatic Root Cause Analysis, supports engineers and managers by detecting system deterioration, estimating potential causes from the available data and helping to find the right actions with the appropriate timing.

More specifically, with ARCA it is possible to:

  • Early detect potential failures, by automatically identify outliers and drifts during online monitoring
  • Check for the system aging against failure: by observing trends and their variations, it is possible to formulate hypothesis about the health and performance status of components and subsystems
  • Estimate the root cause of a failure: by means of statistical analysis on parameters correlation, modelling and usage of domain knowledge from System FMEA

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